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A-Z Race Management

Whether you're a newcomer looking to get up to speed quickly or a seasoned veteran bringing the momentum, CB Motorsports has the staff, technology, and resources to meet your racing goals. 

Our Programs

Arrive & Drive

Our complete package, Arrive & Drive eliminates all the hassle typically associated with racing. We provide the car, the crew, and everything in-between. 

Arrive & Drive programs include, vehicle rental, pre-race vehicle preparation, logistics, race staffing, at track car setup & prep, hospitality, and marketing.

Available Series:

2023 Trans AM TA2

2024 Trans AM TA2 Full Season

Race Support

If you own your own race car but are looking for a professional outfit to maximize your results, CB Motorsports Race Support services are for you.

Our Race Support package includes logistics, race staffing, at track car setup & prep, hospitality, and marketing but can also be custom tailored to include pre-race vehicle preparation, vehicle transportation, testing & development & more. Let us know how we can help enhance your program.

2023 Trans AM TA2

2024 Trans AM TA2 Full Season

Our Services

Please see below for our full list of expanded services



  • Repair, Refresh, & Servicing

  • Spare Parts Acquisition & Stocking

  • Parts Testing & Research

  • Vehicle Setup


Staffing & Logistics

  • Crew Staffing, Travel, & Logistics

  • Equipment Transportation

  • Consumable Ordering

  • Registration


Branding & Hospitality

  • Livery Design & Wrapping

  • Event Hosting

  • B2B Network Coordination

  • Promotional Packages

  • Guest Concierge Services

  • Apparel & Banners

Our Secret

A Perfect Fusion of Technology & Knowledge

CB Motorsports is proud to bring together both industry leading technology and experts in motorsports racing. We utilize advanced technology such as SetupWizzard for car alignment, scaling, and setup.  


Engineering Firm CorteX Racing assists our program in car setup, data analysis, race staffing, prototyping, and development. The CorteX team has been manufacturing racing suspension systems since 2008 and makes products for Penske, Ford Performance, Shelby America, and others. 

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